38 Years of Transforming Homes

MAJUHOME Concept introduces "HouzMakeover," our cutting-edge home transformation service. With over three decades of expertise, we continue to revolutionize the furniture shopping experience, ensuring customer satisfaction through innovative designs and personalized solutions.

With over three decades of expertise in the furniture industry, MAJUHOME Concept, the driving force behind HouzMAKEOVER, stands as Malaysia's leading furniture solutions provider. Established in 1986 with a vision to revolutionize the furniture shopping experience and enhance the quality of living, we've since transformed into a modern ONE-STOP furniture megamall, offering an extensive range of choices to suit every budget, style, and home interior.

At MAJUHOME CONCEPT, we showcase the latest designs in home furnishings, decorative accessories, specialty children's furniture, and office solutions. Our collection encompasses a blend of international, local, and in-house brand products, tailored to our customers' diverse needs and preferences.

Throughout our years of operation, we've come to understand that customer satisfaction is rooted in consistency. This realization has shaped our unwavering commitment to achieving the highest levels of customer contentment by meticulously attending to every detail in all that we do. Guided by this mission, we will persistently innovate and adapt to meet evolving customer demands with top-tier products and exemplary service.

Our innovative and welcoming showroom displays are pivotal in bringing our vision of delivering a distinctive shopping experience to life. Through the creative use of lighting, color, and modular layouts, we aim to craft a memorable journey for our customers, allowing them to envisage their 'dream home.' We believe that engaging the senses through visual stimulation provides customers with a glimpse into the value our products can add to their lives.

At MAJUHOME Concept, every customer holds a special place in our company philosophy. With this central focus, we will continually explore new horizons and market segments, always tailoring our offerings to the ever-evolving lifestyles of our customers.



"To be the ultimate destination for furniture and home furnishings, setting the standard for quality, style, and customer satisfaction. We aim to turn houses into homes that inspire comfort, style, and joyful memories, all while fostering sustainability and community engagement."


"To become a global lifestyle retail brand known for top-quality furniture, timeless design, and outstanding customer experiences. With decades of dedication, we provide exceptional furniture solutions that combine classic design, craftsmanship, and affordability. We strive to inspire and transform homes into beautiful, functional spaces that reflect our customers' unique personalities and aspirations, redefining lifestyle your way"

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Successfully catered for 1,000,000 delighted homeowner.


Tailored design solutions for your home.


38 Years of experience in transforming spaces.


Envision your ideal home with 7 outlets and an expansive 350,000 square feet.